Your goal is your vision.

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Your goal is your vision. The process is the journey. The belief in yourself is what connects the two. Our Coach cannot wait to move you forward with the vision you have for yourself.  You know you're capable, you've always known, maybe you've lost faith in that part of you that follows through and makes resolutions become reality.

We are here to reconnect you, with YOU! Here's what Denise experienced with her Coach.

"Working with Coach Melissa on overcoming fear in my body has completely changed my life. After severe spinal strain, I was afraid to move again and trust anyone, although I knew I needed to move forward in my life because I couldn’t continue feeling so down. She taught me about inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods and provided the encouragement, patience and gentle guidance I needed to be able to trust the process again. When I was too afraid to try something, she would say “OK! Tomorrow’s another day!” and we would move on. She is receptive, accepting, and gentle, and hears me. She allowed me to go through my process and because of that, I learned to trust her… and discovered that when I followed what she suggested, things worked! She showed me how to get out of the depression that I was in and to see hope. Because of our work today, I can actually ACCEPT a compliment. It makes me want to smile all day! "

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