What is good nutrition?

What is good nutrition? It looks different for everyone but there are certain principles of life we CANNOT ignore.

  • We Are What We Eat : We Cannot Eat Poor Quality Ingredients and Feel Wonderful. One physical molecule type can only develop so far from its origin.
  • Everyone Is Unique : Your genetics, hereditary background and factors(stress) acquired through your life will change the way you process food and supplements differently than others. Inflammation and pain come when we thoughtlessly ingest foods that don't work with our DNA.
  • The Body Knows Best : There is a tipping point where eating less will not make the fat fall off. It needs to be calculated and worked with every unique body. We cannot work AGAINST the body and expect long lasting results.

The human body hasn't changed but the human mind HAS! The principles of nutrition are the same but our attention span and daily life have dramatically shifted with the internet and technology. Now we throw away our time and energy into thinking and researching instead of making changes. How are supposed to get long lasting sustainable results with that process?

It's not working.

We need a strategy that's away from the confusion, clutter, unending internet and one that's in our lives. We need a TRANSFORMATIONAL program for our nutrition.

We are missing guidelines, structure, and consideration for our day to day lives.  When you have these results like Brianna's are typical:

" When I was pregnant with my son I gained 70 pounds. I attempted to lose weight on my own by doing various diets that just caused my weight to Yo-Yo and tried exercising on my own at LA Fitness. I really had no idea what I was doing and it was ineffective, to say the least.  I joined Beometry and it provided all the tools necessary to be successful in my weight loss journey. The only thing I had to do was show up and do my best. I've lost over 10 inches off my waist and dropped a total of 50 pounds of fat as well as added strength and lean muscle. It is because of Beometry that I have found my passion for health and fitness"

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