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Our Trainer can't wait to meet you and support you in having a whole new relationship with your body! We start with our Body Blue Print so you can live life on your terms instead of sludging through life feeling slower and slower. Our goal is to make being in your body a transformative experience like Roxanne's was below:

"One look at my gait; body leaning forward, hip pain, and difficulty with extreme pain with every step; and Isaac knew just what stretches and exercise program to put me on to strengthen the muscles and loosen the Piriformis muscles and hip flexors.

The trainers helped coach me through the pain and encouraged me to keep pushing.  On the days I really didn’t want to come due to a bad day at work, they were ready with smiles to guide me through and keep encouraging.  The stretches that Isaac suggested were AMAZING at loosening up the muscles in my hips! What an amazing difference on a daily basis. I use those stretches still today – nearly a year later.

Within a couple of weeks working with Beometry, I was walking tall, and able to be more active.  I was able to enjoy several hikes out in the mountains – an activity that was not possible till working with Beometry, and very important for me since I come from the midwest where the landscape is flat.  

My only regret was not starting with them the moment my project started in Tacoma!  I will definitely call on them whenever my work brings me back to the Seattle/Tacoma area!!"

Our Trainer will be in touch with you soon.

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