May 23, 2020
Is healthy eating boring you? Here’s my solution.

The number one cause of overeating is boredom. Did you know that? It’s a recipe for disaster because so many people find healthy eating boring in the first place. So, they start to eat healthier foods, get bored, and then lose motivation.

Why is that?

Boredom is a state of mind. Usually, that state of mind sounds something like this:

“I don’t want to cook anymore. I don’t want asparagus AGAIN. I’m tired of chicken. Let’s go have a burger and a shake instead.”

Sound familiar?

After a few episodes of thinking like that, you wonder whether you can keep up your new healthy habits. You stagnate. You’d rather go back to your old way of doing things.

I call this point of stagnation the “Boredom Plateau”. It’s where growth stops and healthy lifestyles die.

That’s why boredom is dangerous if we don’t pivot quickly to a more productive mindset.

If boredom has been a stopping point for you, I want you to break that plateau once and for all. I want you to be healthy and happy at the same time! Read on for how to do that.


Breaking the Boredom Plateau is a two step process. Once you’ve done these two enough times, you’ll break through.

1. First, understand what boredom is and isn’t.

Boredom is not something that happens outside of your will. It doesn’t control you. It’s a process of thinking that you’ve learned over time. It’s a mechanism you’ve created in order to keep you stuck.

Don’t believe me?

Can you remember anyone from your childhood (perhaps a parent) who used boredom as a reason to give up? You probably learned it from them.

Oftentimes, that person used boredom to cover up fear. They would try dieting, but from the beginning, they believed it would be a struggle. They feared what they’d have to do to stay healthy, or that they wouldn’t be able to keep it up. So, after a while of the same old healthy foods, they got bored and dismissed their goal: “I’m not a healthy eater”.

What could have changed if they had sought out ways to make healthy eating fun? What could have happened if – instead of eating only plain chicken and steamed broccoli – they learned how to make sesame broccoli stir fry, chicken and peanut saute, and baked chicken lasagna?

The problem was, they were stuck believing that healthy eating is “no fun”. And as long as they believed that, they proved it to be true. Boredom was simply a mechanism to prove that belief.

The key to moving past boredom is to break down where it comes from. Once you do that, you can deconstruct it for what it really is, and break through.

What is boredom helping you avoid? What are you afraid of? What do you believe about healthy eating that makes you want to give it up?

These questions will help you uncover your boredom mechanism and see it for what it is.

2. Second, learn how to pivot out of boredom when it hits.

The thing about boredom is that it’s inevitable in the process of growth. To make any change, we have to practice something new. We repeat that new habit over and over until it becomes natural and easy. Wax on, wax off. At some point, the repetition will feel mundane.

If you know this, all you need to remember is to pivot your thinking when you get bored.

Here’s how to pivot:

When you start to feel bored, pay attention to what you’re thinking.

Are you telling yourself you have to struggle to be healthy? Are you telling yourself you have to give up fun and pleasure to be healthy? Are you afraid you won’t be able to keep it up?

Ask yourself: Is that really true?

Or, can you make this process more fun? Can you eat a vegetable you love instead of the one you hate? Can you come up with a new recipe or find one online? Can you find a community or coach to support you?

Take action to prove your old belief wrong.

Make healthy eating fun. Find a way to get happy and joyful. Cook with a friend. Hire a coach to keep you accountable. Bring pleasure to the experience of healthy eating.

Keep pivoting until boredom is no longer your go-to.

Like anything, the more you practice, the easier it gets. If you practice fun instead of boredom, you can create a new pattern of thinking for yourself that will create a new result. Instead of giving up, you’ll try something new. Instead of stopping, you’ll create a whole new way of being- and this will give you the healthy lifestyle you dream of.

If you’re feeling alone in this, I’ve been there too. Boredom and apathy used to stop me from learning and changing my eating habits. That’s why my team created a Facebook Group to teach others how to eat, cook, and live healthy in a way that’s fun, easy, and delicious. If you’d like to be a part, click here to join the group. I promise, you don’t have to have a boring life or eat like a rabbit to live healthy.

If you’re determined to start your healthy journey, our fitness coaches can help you out. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to be part of your journey

Keep getting healthier,

Coach Michelle

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