December 8, 2017
Francine G.

One morning getting ready for work, I bent down to adjust the tongue part of my shoe, when I heard a little pop, and felt excruciating pain. Any direction I moved was extremely painful. The nurses at work told me to put heat on my back to get through work, and I went straight from the hospital to a chiropractor as soon as they opened. I saw the chiropractor 5 times with no improvement, their x-rays said nothing was broken, but I could barely move even after a few days. I was desperate that I contacted Isaac. I had one treatment with Isaac and was able to move again and another one to knock out the rest of the pain. With some movement and stretches they gave me my back made a full recovery. It’s hard to describe how Isaac heals, it’s like the pressure is released in the body tied together with sports science. If you think you need it for something that’s painful, definitely see him! I tell all my friends! It’s amazing and really works!

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