December 8, 2017
JayCee G

Isaac has made a huge difference in the quality of life for my and my family. Before I started working with Isaac, I was skiing and fell. To break my fall, I reached my left hand down and felt a snap around my elbow. I felt a shooting pain and my hand and arm immediately started to swell. I never recovered, and I had constant pain at a specific very sore spot on my elbow as well as pain and numbness in my fingers. Over two and a half years later, I still had the problem and couldn’t lift anything heavy in my left arm.
I was searching for a trainer who could help me get in shape and work around my injuries. Isaac actually treated the problem and immediately I noticed how much better it felt because the pain and numbness went away. After another session, the pain was completely gone and I was able to exercise with my left arm again! Now it feels so good that I forget that I had even injured it and wasn’t able to use it normally for almost 3 years!

He also helped me with one of the scariest mysteries of my body. I had surgery on the left side of my body which left me with back pain, shooting pain, pelvic pain, and it felt like I had a pinched nerve for nine months after surgery. This was on my right side—NOT the side that was operated on. During this time, I couldn’t exercise and thought I had gained a lot of weight from not working out for nine months. I saw the doctors a few times during this period for ct scans and other imaging. They still didn’t know what the problem was. They said it was just my body reacting to being cut… or maybe the anesthesia. When I called Isaac, it was to start exercising again because I had accepted that pain was something I’d have to live with because of what the doctors said. At this point, I had gained so much weight I just wanted to get active again.

Isaac saw me and realized that I was actually swollen, and not gained fat, so he recommended a treatment. In the first session, I noticed my thighs and hips were smaller and my feet had swollen. In the second session, he had completely eliminated the pain that had been bothering me for nine months on my right side and drained all the swelling the anesthesia and drugs had put on my body. Not only did my feet return to normal size, but I lost the weight from the drainage. I thought the pain would return but it’s been over a year and it has never returned.

I sent my mother-in-law to him who has Parkinson’s. She’s had brain surgeries and so many procedures, yet she can’t stop talking about him. He was able to help her get off her $300/month bladder medication, restored strength and volume to her voice, fixed a tendon in her finger that she hadn’t opened in more than 50 years, as well as increased her strength and ability to walk and move just by treatment alone. From my elbow, to fixing mystery post surgical pain, to helping us get off medications and using our bodies again, Isaac is more than a trainer and we can’t stop singing his praises!

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