December 8, 2017
Jesper W.

While traveling in a transatlantic, economy class flight in summer 2013, my left calf started cramping up. At least, that was what it felt like. It was quite discomforting due to the confined space, but I expected when I could straighten my leg and walk it would go away.

When the plane landed and I started walking I found not only did the calf hurt but there was pain under my foot and it kept hurting. Over the next days the calf hurt so much I forgot about the foot pain. A week later the calf pain finally went away but the foot pain stayed.

In the next months and years, I tried corrective exercises and had at least 50 massages, all with little help. The pain was constant with no pattern. Three different doctors looked at my foot and took x-rays and none were able to offer any explanation or relief.

In early 2016, I had a chance to see Isaac. I knew about his work, but to be honest I didn’t have high hopes. Isaac did a full assessment and some manipulations most of which I didn’t understand. He was very professional and kind and though the experience was good there was no pain relief, in fact it got worse. There was a new pain on the outside of my foot.

But a week after I saw Isaac, the pain under my foot started vanishing! What a mystery! Then I realized three months later that the side pain was going away. Nine months later the pain is completely gone.

It’s fascinating to me that I saw so many specialists, massage therapists, and doctors for over two and a half years, and Isaac fixed in just an hour on a couch. There is some side foot sensation and I would love to see Isaac again but I live in Denmark and Isaac hasn’t made it here again since. A huge thank you to Isaac for helping me walk pain free again after almost three years of pain.

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