December 8, 2017
Jesse E.

The first time Isaac spoke to me about cranial work, I wasn’t sure what it could do or why I would need it. In one cranial session, I went from barely being able to touch my ankles to being able to put my palms on the floor. The next day my deadlift went from 355lbs to 405lbs! Obvious benefits. While I was training for Kokuro, a 53-hour straight workout of running rucking and high volume workouts, I suddenly developed a heel pain where it hurt just to walk. The pain continued for 3 months and worsened. I tried massage therapy, insoles, different shoes and even laid off the running but it wasn’t possible with the upcoming event I was doing. I needed to be able to run and train for the 53-hour workout. I saw Isaac and he actually traced where the pain was coming from, he didn’t just go “your foot hurts so I’m going to work on your foot.” His treatment is nontraditional in that he doesn’t work specifically on the site and finds the cause. In one treatment session, my pain went down 95 percent! I felt great! I was able to do my Kokuro 53-hour workout and had no issues with my heels or anything else the whole time.

Isaac also treated me for a dislocated knee. Seventeen years ago, I first dislocated my knee and, this year while doing martial arts, it popped it out. It was painful. I treated it with cryotherapy and compression right away. Most of the initial pain was gone but it felt unsteady and, when I bent my knee at a certain angle to put my sock on, it hurt. I saw Isaac and after he treated my knee, I was able to move my knee in the sock position without the pain. A few days later my knee pain completely went away. I went back to Krav and did the workout at 80 percent full speed with no problems and was able to run 2-3 miles on it and even ruck 3-4 miles with no pain. Working with Isaac is an investment but it’s definitely worth it. Isaac doesn’t do traditional stuff, but he makes it a comfortable experience. I’ve walked away seeing every time seeing major differences that have sold me on it and keep me coming back.

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