December 8, 2017
John N.

Before Isaac treated me, I had suffered from migraines all my life. After having a traumatic birth, I would have random spontaneous migraines, my vision would blur, I would hear vibrations that would paralyze my body, experience extreme noise and light sensitivity, and my nose would randomly start bleeding. From just laying on the couch watching TV in a dark room, a migraine came on so strongly that I couldn’t move for hours. I had to sit in complete darkness and try to breathe while drinking water and consuming six ibuprofen. One time when showering before work, my nose started bleeding and would not stop. I had to walk around with a napkin in it while trying to scan boxes and my migraine got worse and worse. I passed out and was taken to the ER where there was nothing they could do for me except give me an IV. Doctors my whole life had told me it was something I would just have to live with, and had no way how to move me towards having a normal life. Even with migraine medication, it didn’t change and I had accepted having fear of any little headache or nosebleed growing and stopping me from being able to function or move. I constantly had the immobilizing fear that I would be driving and feel a headache come on and have to pull over and wait the migraine out.

When I started working around Isaac, he noticed I was unfocused and I told him I was having a migraine. He told me to come over and started feeling my head. He asked me if I had a traumatic birth, which just wasn’t a question you normally asked someone. I was amazed he could tell from just feeling my head and thought maybe there is something to all this weird stuff he does. Isaac treated me for two back-to-back sessions decompressing my skull, fixing my eyes, nose and putting pressure in all these spots on my head, some of which were sore or tender. When I got up after treatment, not only did my head feel lighter but my whole body as well. My shoulders and neck were more relaxed and I felt this overall sensation of feeling light. The hours and days after, I felt my head draining. I don’t know how to describe it other than my head losing weight the hours after treatment. For the first time, I felt clear headed, not foggy and smarter, which is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t dealt with head fog all their life. I haven’t had a migraine since that two-hour session and no spontaneous nose bleeds again! Thank you Isaac for all you’ve done for me!

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