January 5, 2018
Jon A.

After a car accident in September 2016 I was having a lot of pain throughout my joints and a corkscrewing type of feeling through my spine This was hard to describe but I knew I was feeling it all through my neck, ribs and all the way down. After the accident I was trying to solve it with weekly chiropractic care, massage sessions, acupuncture, physical therapy, etc….anything I could find to try to fix the pain I tried. In June of 2017, ten months after all those treatments I was still dealing with chronic discomfort and pain all the time. I found Isaac through a referral and our treatment focused on the areas where the tension was built up rather than just crunching my spine in various directions. I had two sessions with Isaac spread out over two weeks and my pain levels drastically diminished. After the sessions I could feel as though my spine was working to find it’s natural equilibrium and balance. I could tell my mind and body were working together! I felt as though the treatment helped my body find it’s own way to heal and adjust as needed rather than forcing some kind of treatment on me or into my body. After two sessions my body has figured out how to heal itself and I’m feeling pretty great these days! It’s actually kind of hard for me to believe! Anyone dealing with chronic pain or back discomfort come see Isaac for treatment!

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