January 4, 2018
Julie R.

I have tried many different kinds of energy healing practices such as reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, sound therapy, working with shamans and intuitives as well as functional practitioners. While I believe all have a place in healing and re-balancing, I found Isaac’s work and intuition to be extremely powerful, point on and illuminating. I did not realize some of the emotions I was still harboring, many in place since early childhood. I had a few life changing realizations about situations in my past that I was still holding onto in my energetic field. I could feel the dissipation of the clogged energy with Isaac’s healing practice. I also loved having new affirming emotions to focus on and put in its place, that will absolutely change my way of thinking and being. I realize that much of my trauma was self-induced and that much of my healing needed to be done within myself so I can thrive and be a bigger light on this planet; mind, body and spirit. Isaac is an incredible listener, guide and healer.

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