December 8, 2017
Lucy A.

My 13 year old son swam for Tacoma swim club until his right shoulder started hurting chronically. It was debilitating. We saw two shoulder doctors who both said it was an overuse injury and gave him high dose ibuprofen and physical therapy. Three months later, going three times a week to physical therapy, his shoulder wasn’t better and Johnny still couldn’t swim. He was on pain meds, anti-inflammatories, ultrasound and icing just to keep the pain down. Even with all this, it was so bad he couldn’t even get in the pool to kick—just being in the position to float was unbearable. A parent at the same school told me how someone had treated her daughter’s severe concussions that had been bothering her for years, as well as instantly fixed her plantar fasciitis.

I was desperate and willing to try anything, so I asked for Isaac’s information and called him. At no point did I realize that Isaac isn’t a doctor, so when I came to his gym to meet him, I didn’t even want to walk through the door. I thought I was about to get completely ripped off of $200. Then he said he didn’t take insurance and didn’t have credit card processing set up. I didn’t carry cash or check with me so, when he said I could just bring it next time, I thought “yeah right….there won’t be a next time for this rip off.” I watched him push around on Johnny’s head and got more and more irritated about the whole situation. At the end of the session, Johnny got up, looked at me, and said, “Mom, the pain is completely gone!” I couldn’t believe it: I went from thinking I was getting completely ripped off to thinking this was the best $200 I’ve ever spent. In one session, he had zero pain and full mobility restored.

Isaac told us to wait 24 hours before swimming again and then, the next day, Johnny went right back to swimming. He hadn’t been able to even get in the pool and kick in 3 months! About a year later, when he had reinjured it swimming, Isaac resolved the injury in one session again. We’ve tried massage therapy and it hurt Johnny even more, now we just take Johnny straight to Isaac before the doctor. A few days ago Johnny (my now 16 year old son) had mystery back pain that was stopping him from even pulling his shoulders back and swimming. It popped up right before a big meet, so we brought him in for treatment, and Johnny went straight back to swimming the next day with no pain! He swam the whole day and didn’t complain of anything.

His dad suffered from devastating plantar fasciitis and Isaac got rid of that pain in one session; over two years later, it still hasn’t returned. We call Isaac the WITCH DOCTOR. It’s amazing! What I thought was the most insane thing I’ve ever seen, turned out to be some of the best money I’ve ever invested. Classmates of my son, who had similar shoulder pain and had surgery, were never able to swim the same. I told them they should have gone to see Isaac. I think there’s a lot of people that doubt, that don’t take the chance and want to see the regular doctor, but I tell anyone that gets an injury to go see Isaac the Witch Doctor.

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