December 8, 2017
Luka H.

Isaac is the go-to-guy when almost everything else fails. He understands the connection between mind, body, and soul, so it’s not a singular conversation when you have a problem. He looks at areas beyond one piece of the puzzle, and, because of that, he’s able to find causes that other people can’t. They don’t have that skillset. I was experiencing a painful left achilles tightness, and, no matter how much stretching, foam rolling, massage, soft tissue work, dry needling or Active Release therapy I had done on it, my achilles would flare up all the way to my hamstrings and spinal erectors. Every time I did sprints or sled pushes, I would have issues with it. When I saw Isaac, he discovered my achilles problem was related to my head, from boxing and being hit by an ash tray in an attack. The shift in my cranium had caused a shift that rotated my body and caused a constant strain that no amount of body work could fix, because it was coming from above. Other treatments were not treating the source of the problem. Isaac worked on sutures of my head and the whole pattern went away. In one treatment, he resolved the issue and it’s been over a year and a half later, and I haven’t had it come back since that session. He also treated me for a TFL/IT Band issue that flared up constantly in my training and showed me how to do the correct exercises for it so it doesn’t come back. There are only two people that I trust when it comes to handling my health and body and he is one of the them.

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