December 8, 2017
Marquel M.

After having a car accident in December, I experienced neck, shoulder and back pain on my right side. The tension and discomfort was so painful I couldn’t exercise, sit or even stand for long periods of time. The pain continued to wake me up at night and I had almost migraine level headaches at least 4 times a week. For six weeks, I had orthopedic massage therapy and atlas chiropractic; it took an incredible amount of time out of my schedule. I was seeing the chiropractor three times a week and getting a massage twice a week… every single week.

My health was my top priority and when I heard about Isaac, I immediately booked a session and came in. The session was the most balanced treatment I have ever had. Immediately, it released my neck, back, and shoulder pain, and my headaches went away instantly. This was the relief I had been looking for in chiropractic care and massage but never got; in all my treatments before with massage and chiropractic, I had felt something was imbalanced, incomplete or missing but, after the one session with Isaac, I felt immediately balanced. In one session.

I got more relief than six weeks of 5x/week care. Isaac and I had scheduled a follow up session. Since my headaches, neck, back, and shoulder were now fine, Isaac was able to get my ankle to stop popping and get rid of a constant bending of my wrist I would do for no reason. I haven’t bent my wrist anxiously like that since the treatment (and I had been doing it for as long as I can remember). I told all the therapists that were treating me about how much more complete and deep his therapy is than others. If you’re thinking about coming in book a session now and come in tomorrow! It will save you weeks and hours of other appointments.

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