December 8, 2017
Nimesh P.

My Dad had been living with back pain for years. Because he was in his mid 50’s and spent most of his on his feet managing large stores, we figured his complaints were normal and that getting older is something we all have to deal with. About a year and a half ago, his complaints became more drastic. The doctors gave him painkillers, medications and shots and after that didn’t help, they recommended spinal surgery. His pain was so bad, he couldn’t go to work and was worried about how much longer he would live. I had been treated by Isaac and knew that his treatments had changed the way I could work out, move properly and even sleep better, so I told my dad to see Isaac before the surgery. If Isaac couldn’t figure out the problem, then he could call the doctor and schedule the surgery. At this point, his pain was so severe he was willing to try anything. Isaac did a full scan and knew it would take a few sessions to resolve, because there was an order in which his body needed treatment to get the root cause of the pain. Surprisingly, it even was in his feet.

After a few treatments, my dad’s pain and the problems in his body WERE GOING AWAY. Not only did he believe in Isaac’s treatment, but he started to voice relief about his future again. When he told his doctor about the treatment, the doctor said that he is familiar with some of the methods Isaac uses and they are very effective. Next to a future where a machine is able to scan and heal us back to full health, we have Isaac. He looks at the entire body through various scopes and systems and uses a vast array of knowledge to prioritize what needs to be done. He saved my dad from having a spinal surgery that would not have addressed the cause of the pain and could have negatively altered his life forever. As I write this, my Dad is on vacation in Sri Lanka, it’s been almost two years later and he’s out traveling without a return of the pain. I believe it’s important to invest our money into finding the source of the problem and not just treating the symptom so we can return to what we love in life. Isaac has seen me, my Dad and other family members and has helped them heal from pain, strange problems and increase their quality of life. Take your family to see him too.

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