December 8, 2017
Rich and Healther C.

One day, I woke up at 8 am and my wife told me we were going to see my son’s therapist. I was skeptical: I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for four years. I figured it was part of my lifes “aches and pains,” but my left knee which I had torn playing soccer and had arthroscopic surgery for in 2007 needed a knee replacement. The doctor told me they had cut part of my knee cap off because it was getting into the joint and making me knee pop out. He told me the surgery would help me for only 3 years before I would need a knee replacement. In 2016, I was still limping on that knee without a replacement. In addition to the limp, I could always feel the weather by the increasing pain in my knee. People at work called me the weather man and would ask me “What’s the weather looking like today Rich?” Sometimes I would have to stop what I was doing because it would lock up.

Isaac started feeling on my head and knew all my past injuries even the ones I had forgotten. He identified my back pain was really a hip problem and found a shoulder injury I had never even mentioned, as well as a right forearm injury where I tore the tendon right off my arm. It’s like he knew me without ever meeting me. He went straight to where my pain was and he was spot on, I thought this guy is amazing! He spent 30 minutes on my back and 30 minutes on my knee and then showed me exercises to keep it from coming back. I left completely pain free which was incredible. I had no pain for the first time in a long, long, long time, even today eight months later my back pain is barely noticeable. I was, and am, impressed. When I got off the table, my limp was gone! The pain I used to get in my knee because of the weather was gone and my knee hasn’t bothered me since more than a day or two. Before I could never cross my left knee over the top to put my socks on. I had to lean down. Now after one just one visit I’m able to cross my leg to put my sock on!

When I first heard Isaac’s price I thought “That is crazy!” Cash for an hour! You talk about 250 bucks to a working guy like me—it takes me almost 2 days to make that! It sounded ridiculous to me, but after I got off the table it completely changed my perspective. I saw Isaac for an hour and it took care of everything I had been dealing with in my body, from that one session I’ve had over eight months of benefit and no knee replacement! When I look at the results we get, it’s a very small fee and amazing benefits. He worked on my wife for a bit as well and her hip pain which doctors called medium level hip breakdown and physical therapists gave her exercises for has now stopped hurting. She doesn’t have to do the exercises anymore and her hip has stopped catching and hurting. We need to come in again! I have been telling people I don’t know what this guy does but once you see him, your perspective will change on your body and the investment!

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