December 8, 2017
Robert B.

As a recreational sword fighter, I am constantly working to maintain my tissues and physical strength. In a tournament, I side stepped and rolled my ankle. It was tender, but as the day progressed, it evolved into sharp pain. The more I walked on it, the more it hurt, and soon I couldn’t put my weight on it anymore. A few days later, I was able to get in with Isaac for a treatment session and, at the end of the session, the pain was gone. I also was able to flex my foot laterally without any pain, when, previously, for days it had hurt so bad I walked on the medial portion of my foot to get through work. My feet, ankles, and knees had more flexibility. I came back and had him treat my other leg, because my leg had literally shrunk down smaller than the other one due to the inflammation leaving. I’ve seen him for wrist injuries from fighting and repeated stress injuries and, each time, in one session I feel better than before the injury. I am able to move with better range of motion, which makes a big difference in lateral movement in combat. I have faster recovery times which are a huge for training and competition. I frequently recommend him to other fighters with nagging pain and issues.

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