November 30, 2020
Your Weekly Helping of Health: Health Models

Did you know there is more than one model for solving health problems?

If you’ve been trying to solve a health issue with one model, such as Western Medicine, and you haven’t found a solution, you may find an answer by using different modalities.

Check out Isaac’s Weekly Helping of Health Video below to learn about some of these different modalities:

Health Models are different methods for solving health issues. They include methods used in Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, and alternative medicines. Some models are better for solving certain problems than others.

Being limited to just one model can limit your ability to solve a problem. That’s why, at Beometry, we’re always open to new modalities. We don’t follow just one model. We look for the model that works, depending on a particular problem.

If you haven’t yet solved your problem, what modalities have you tried? Are there any you haven’t considered?

At Beometry, we believe that if there is a problem, there must always be a solution. One can’t exist without the other. All we’ve got to do is be open to that solution when we find it.

If you’ve tried a few models, but you haven’t found your solution yet, we’d love to help you clarify which model might be best for you so you can move forward. If you’d like that, you can connect with one of our Health Coaches

As always, keep growing and learning!

– The Beometry Team

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